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Advocacy - Legislative,  Regulatory and Administrative:
    * Maintain direct contact with legislators and their staffs, Committee staffs, and all levels of policy contacts within state and local government     * Develop legislative solutions and draft legislative language and amendments as required for submittal to legislators
    * Develop legislative and regulatory strategies as appropriate in assisting clients to reach their goals
   * Represent clients before governmental bodies and key decision makers
    * Monitor and analyze regulatory and legislative actions
    * Provide insights into the potential actions and reactions in both the  Legislature and office of the Governor
Public Affairs:
    * Develop community outreach and media relations
    * Arrange and manage press conferences, publicity events and activities
Email: scarey@sandracarey.com
Instant Messaging:
Phone:  916/505-8707 or 916/441-1562  
Philosophy and Background
Sandy Carey is the firm's principal, a registered lobbyist in the state of California.
Following her 2004 run for the California State Assembly and a 15 year career in governmental relations, law firm administration and hands on political consultant work, Ms. Carey founded the firm of Carey Associates.  She prides herself that her firm is dedicated to working with clients in navigating the legislature and state government and helping them understand the legislative process.
Ms. Carey’s interest in government started in her teens with work locally and with Presidential politics.  She was active in community advocacy, working the children in Washington, D.C.’s inner city.  Her skills as a grass-roots organizer and passion for politics led to a staff position as volunteer coordinator and later political campaign administrator for the Presidential campaign of Edmund Muskie, followed by her taking the position of staff consultant for political affairs for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and staff assistant to then President Jerry Wurf.
During her Firm Administration work with a local law and lobbying firm, Ms. Carey found that advocacy was a natural progression given the many businesses that needed assistance in becoming more effective in their relations with the Legislature and administrative agencies.
Ms. Carey was a student of Sociology/Anthropology at George Washington University and Cultural Anthropology/Psychology at American University in Washington, DC and is a member of California Elected Women’s Association, Sacramento’s Capitol Network and California Women’s Political Caucus, as well as a member of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Issues Committee for the Asian Pacific Islander Public Affairs Association.
There are many wonderful quotations from our thirty-second President, Franklin D. Roosevelt.  The above  is just one of many appropriate choices.  This, after all, must be the ultimate goal of government.