Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is growing in popularity in California.  And, because it is so effective and requested by patients from every societal group, it is increasingly more necessary to have laws in effect to ensure that the medicine is both protected and regulated.
In 2005, we were able to pass a bill to further ensure that practitioners are appropriately trained and educated through an increase in continuing education requirements.  And, in 2006, we were able to work through legislation, administrative and regulatory interaction with the Governor’s office and the Department of Workers’ Compensation to ensure that injured workers have the access to the medicine that they require.
The services of Professional Fiduciaries (Guardians, Conservators, Trustees) has become commonplace and very necessary in our society.  And, the monitoring of these services and regulation of the profession has long been thought to be key to ensuring that those who utilize these services are always fully protected.  To that end, a licensing bill was enacted in 2006.  This effort began several years ago and we were finally successful in not only getting the measure through both houses of the Legislature, negotiating with many detractors along the way, and finally securing the signature of the Governor of this bill into law.