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We know that it is all about understanding the process and making it work for you.
Advocacy for your point of view, your issue, your project, utilizes that principle in order to realize success.
We at Carey Associates acknowledge the importance of understanding the process.  We know how important your project, your issue, your point of view is.  And we are here to help!
Carey Associates is a full service governmental advocacy firm representing clients before state government in California. Located a few steps from the state Capitol in Sacramento, the firm is poised to work with members of the state legislature, government agencies, boards and commissions on your behalf.  
We have experience in developing winning strategies and methods.  With more than 15 years experience in politics, we are able to evaluate your strengths, identify supporters as well as opponents.  We use these strengths to help our clients understand the process and guide you through the complexities that are “state government.”  
“Carey Associates takes pride in the fact that we work with all the available tools at our disposal to help you reach your goals at the same time always adhering to the highest ethical standards in business and in politics.”